Paço de Calheiros.

A sustainable tourism it is a responsible tourism which develops in balance with the environment and responds to the actual requirements of the guests and communities, promoting and amplifying this opportunities in the future. It is thus based in the management of the necessities and economic, social and environmental resources, having in consideration the culture, local traditions and natural environment, with the necessity of protect them and improve, in order that the new generations may enjoy of equal possibilities and conditions. This is a process of consistent management of all resources that entitles the satisfaction of several requirements, assuring simultaneously the continuity of the cultural and social integrity, of the ecological processes, biological diversity and the life sustainable systems.

This space is intended to provide and get to know a series of good practices related to the environmental performance, which have been implemented in Quinta do Paço de Calheiros. Its disclosure within the community intents to contribute to the improvement of the management and conservation of the resources.